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About World Oyama Karate

Shigeru Oyama

World Oyama Karate is a classic, full-contact, Japanese style of Karate. Mas Oyama, Director of the International Kyokushin Organization, sent two of his chief instructors from Tokyo to the United States to spread Kyokushin Karate. These men were Shigeru Oyama, sent to New York in 1965, and his brother Yasuhiko Oyama, sent to Birmingham, Alabama in 1972. In 1985, these two brothers founded the World Oyama Karate Organization as an independent organization. The World Oyama Karate Organization experienced astounding growth in the following years. Over 150 official World Oyama Karate dojos were established in 19 countries by the 1990's. An uncompromising dedication to teaching excellence and a well-founded reputation for coaching some of the best international full-contact Karate champions has made World Oyama Karate a phenominal success in the world of Martial Arts. The ultimate goal of World Oyama Karate is to develop students with strength, discipline, and integrity. This is accomplished by serious training on a steady basis. The emphasis in classes is on respect, hard work, commitment, and, above all, strong spirit. Our practice of basics, kata, and kumite (free sparring) are smoothly integrated so that practice of any one enhances the others. The World Oyama style is known for its hard, practical fighting techniques.

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